CBS News story

Click on the link below for the video about decluttering. Thank you, Liz Hawkins!

Love this:

CBS News April 22, 2018

Some great quotes from this news story:

There are 50,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., more than Dunkin Donuts (8,500), Subways (28,000) or McDonalds (14,027) combined.

Reeves says she learned a lesson about too much stuff from Hurricane Harvey, when she helped her neighbors who were flooded out: “Just the sheer volume of stuff that had to come out and that just gets trashed, and it just reinforced that if everybody is safe and everybody is healthy, that’s what’s important in life. Not all of this.”

Petersen asked Mellen for a little advice about saving old clothes: “I feel like I’ve just given away some part of my youth. I’m not gonna be young any more because the clothes are gone,” Petersen laughed.

“Right. Well, you’re not gonna be young anymore because you’re not gonna be young anymore,” Mellen retorted. “It has nothing to do with the garments that you’re wearing.”

Mellen uses his 633-square-foot New York apartment as a classroom for his clients. He refers to clutter as “nothing more than deferred decisions.”

“We park cars that are worth tens of thousands of dollars on the street, because our garages are full of stuff that, in many times, is worthless. ”

Wise words from Andrew Mellen to get people to start to declutter:

“Set yourself free — it’s just stuff. It’s just stuff!








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