Staying on Top of the Daily Snail Mail

Staying on top of snail mail and the clutter it creates is at the top of the list for many as a tedious and loathed task.  But making time to address what arrives in your mailbox each day can mean the difference between a daunting pile of junk or a neat and organized must-deal-with pile.  Follow these steps daily to help keep both mail and clutter under control.

Make Checking Your Mailbox a Daily Mission

Whether the mail piles up in the box or on your counter, it will still be there for you to deal with.  Take a few minutes each day and establish a routine to deal with anything that arrives in your mailbox. Once you bring mail into your home, it should only take a few seconds to sort and organize. I use these three categories when sorting through my mail: recycle, requires action or read.


On any given day, your mailbox is probably filled with junk you don’t need to keep.  Grocery ads, credit card offers, solicitations, and catalogs accumulate quickly.  Stop the influx of junk mail into your home by recycling any unwanted mail immediately.  Check out these resources for help in halting junk mail completely:,, or

Requires Action

Place bills that need to be paid, invitations that require RSVPs or anything else that needs action from you in a designated spot.  Bills can be dealt with once a month, while invitations and similar items should be addressed as soon as you can consult your calendar.


We subscribe to magazines to read about hobbies, current events or any information that makes us happy.  But when those magazines start piling up and creating clutter, it may be time to rethink the number of subscriptions coming into your home.  I suggest paring down to three subscriptions and making sure you truly enjoy what’s being delivered to your house each month or week.  Once you are finished reading a magazine, it’s time to recycle it or pass the copy on to someone else who might enjoy reading it.

Establishing these habits to deal with mail and the clutter that it can quickly create will go a long way in saving both precious time and energy.  And you may just have a bit more time to read those precious magazines.


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