Issues Surrounding Decluttering and Organizing

The before-and-after photos in this post are showing how small changes can affect how things look in your home. In each set of photos, you will see that excess “stuff” was gotten rid of to make way for the possessions that my clients actually wanted.  It was amazing to see how many things people were living with that they didn’t know, didn’t remember having or didn’t care to have anymore.



Ways that Organization and Decluttering Helped Clients:

  • Time to devote to kids
  • More efficient in business
  • Save time by not looking for the “thing you just had”
  • Ease painful memories
  • Utilize current space for optimization and saving time
  • Organize craft areas to spend more time creating, not looking for supplies
  • Better decision-making on what comes into your home



How Do You Feel About Your Organization?

  • “But, I’m not a hoarder…”
  • “I have things under control…”
  • “I am constantly reminded of _______ and it reminds me of painful memories.”
  • “I am embarrassed to have people over to my house.”
  • “I can’t find things I know I have.”
  • “I don’t have time to get organized.”
  • “I can’t keep it under control once it’s organized.”



What Are Your Fears of Decluttering?

  • I will discard something I’ll later regret
  • I will be judged for my clutter or lack of organization
  • Getting rid of something means I don’t like that object
  • Getting rid of gifts people have given me is rude
  • The more I have of _____, the more people will respect me and think I am successful
  • I have so many things, I don’t know where to begin
  • My time is better spent on other (important) things

and more! I hear almost all of these concerns as well as the good things that have come out of decluttering and organizing.

It is a process and taking steps toward it is not always easy. Contact me if you need help!

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