Craft Rooms


This client could not use her craft room due to all of the clutter. These are before and after photos of just one shelf but the entire area was decluttered and organized in about 3 hours.

I personally love to scrapbook and make cards. I’ll post photos of my craft room someday. It’s actually a glorified closet but oh well. Gets the job done. So, I am sensitive to the needs of fellow crafters who want to work on projects and not spend time searching for things they know they have.

Things to think about when you declutter a craft area:

  • even if there is a lid for the case or bin, put the lid underneath the case or bin to keep it open so you can just reach in and get what you need
  • keep ‘like’ things together – I corralled all of the pins into a pin cushion but there were pins all over before the decluttering occurred
  • don’t go out and buy something that you know you already have. For example, this client had tons of thread, several machine needles for a sewing machine, and 4 rotary fabric cutters because she couldn’t find the ones she bought previously.
  • don’t go out and buy bins for storage or shelving or other organizational things that make you feel like you’re getting organized. When you declutter first, you’ll have bins and shelf space left over, promise.

I would love to hear from crafters as far as what works for you! Please share with your comments below.

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